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Family Owned and Operated since 1974. At Gabes Electronics, we pride ourselves on maintaining the outstanding personalized service that comes from one-on-one relationships. We strive to bring our customers the best in repair and products. This dedication has enabled us to thrive as a family-owned electronics business for over 35 years, in the midst of big chain retailers and internet stores.


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    Matt Davis
    Matt Davis

    1 out of 5 stars

    posted 3 weeks ago

    I attempted to get my Frigidaire refrigerator serviced under my manufacturer's warranty. The service technician that came was very friendly guy and seemed to be very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, for some reason the model number on my refrigerator did not match what they had on the work order. After looking further into it, there was a mistake made by the store that it was purchased at and the refrigerator was registered under the wrong model number. Gabe's told me it could not be serviced because the model number was incorrect. A little frustrating but that made sense to me. However, Gabe's seemed to fail to crosscheck the model number I gave them with the one the manufacturer entered on the work order. After calling Frigidaire they told me that Gabe's could have called them and had it resolved in a matter of minutes which was very frustrating as well. They then wanted to charge me for the visit even though they did not do any work on it and and everything was to be covered by the manufacturer since it was under warranty. After I resolved the model number issues. I scheduled another appointment with Gabe's. I tried to explain the whole series of events to the person I spoke with to schedule the appointment to ensure that they didn't reorder any parts that they may have already ordered for me. The next day I get a call from them canceling my appointment and refusing to do any service for me because I did not pay the last bill that was suppose to be covered under my warranty. It seems that all of this could have been avoided if they would have just compared the model number on the work order with the one I originally told them. I understand mistakes happen but Gabe's did not want to acknowledge any responsibility for this and just refused to service my refrigerator. All of this over a $50 bill that was to be covered by the manufacturer. I would never recommend them to anyone, especially for any work to be done under warranty.

    In response to Gabe’s response:

    That is not at all what the tech told me. He said that it was messed up at the point of purchase which is how I knew to go there first. So it seems that you just ignored the model number I gave you. It’s is amazing that you would blatantly lie rather than admitting you made a mistake. I would never have seen another model number other than the one that is in the refrigerator which is the one I gave you.

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